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Learn How To Create A healthier Lifestyle
People are beginning to take responsibility for their own health, and the health of their families by becoming educated about proper nutrition, vitamin-mineral supplements, herbs, homeopathy, stress-management and other holistic methods that can either help prevent illness or re-establish good health in a safe, natural way. Now that health information is available everywhere it can sometimes be difficult to sort things out. So where do you start?

is a Florida licensed Nutritionist with over 30 years of holistic health experience. She can be a helpful and friendly guide through the sometimes confusing world of natural health care and offers private nutritional counseling sessions for clients interested in learning how to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Each one hour session offers the opportunity to interact with an experienced holistic health counselor who will eliminate the guesswork and provide a personalized program for the client to use according to her or his needs and interests. Follow-up sessions are available to keep a record of the client's progress and to provide additional education and support.


  • Setting up a basic foundation for Optimum Health
  • Benefits of eating Organic Food
  • Meal Planning and Food Preparation
  • Becoming a Vegetarian (Is it for you?)
  • Benefits of Vitamins and other Supplements
  • Strengthening the Immune System
  • Detoxifying the 7 Elimination Channels
  • Deep Liver/Gall Bladder Cleanse
  • Controlling Yeast, Fungus, Parasites, Worms
  • How to have a Healthy Digestive System
  • Safe Fasting protocols
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Anti-aging
  • Creating a Natural Medicine Cabinet for home care needs
  • Understanding Energy Medicine/Homeopathy/Cell Salts/Flower Remedies


One Hour - $50.00 individual $75.00 family

To schedule an appointment a Credit Card is required. Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours prior to appointment to avoid being charged.